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Sal's Pizza Factory

About us

Fabio Durrazo brings a Monmouth, NJ style of Pizza to East Charlotte; thin crust, similar to a NY style, but this Jersey style pizza has a crispy crust that's not so easily foldable, stacked to the ceiling with toppings, it dissuades you from even attempting the fold in most situations.

''My dad came from Napoli, Italy, in 1970, he saved every penny he earned until he could afford a Pizza place of his own.''

Fabio's father Salvatore Durrazo, along with his brother in law (also Salvatore), aspired to own and operate 14 Pizzerias under the name Dusals;.

''Dusals'' in Italian means two Sals.

Once their sister's family moved down to the Carolinas, Fabio and his father reunited the family in the Queen City.

Located on Monroe road between Briar Creek and Eastway lies a truly authentic Pizzeria, a place to fill your stomach...and your soul, you'll find what you've been missing at Sals Pizza Factory.